Monday, October 11, 2010

Life Goals!!!

I sat in my front room thinking, looking out the window, past the balcony and into the mountains, and I started getting sentimental... thinking of home and my family and some of the dreams I have. Sounds cheesy I know, but it happened, and here is the result ~ a new and improved list of my life goals. I'm thinking of doing like my friend Sara and posting the list on my sidebar, right under "Quotes from my Mom." And when I accomplish them, they'll go on the bottom of the list with a little checkmark by them. Let it be known that every single item on this list will someday be accomplished, and this is in nowise complete! I'll add to it as I remember/think of new ones

The bolded ones are goals I've had that I've already accomplished.

Speak fluent German
Read the Old Testament
Read the Old Testament in Hebrew
Visit Sedlec Ossuary in Prague
Go to Mecca and walk around the Ka'ba
Visit the Gates of Paradise in Florence.
Visit the Vatican
Visit the Garden of Gethsemene
Visit to Machu Picchu
Go sky diving
Become scuba certified
Visit Dracula's Castle in Transylvania
Actively invest in real estate
Run a full marathon
Compete in an Iron Man competition
Face my worst fear
Go cliff diving
Go on a gondola ride in Venice
Base jump
Learn to rock climb
Camp in a snow cave
Make my own sushi
Sing in General Conference
Go surfing
Drive a race car on a real track
Jump a motorcycle
Learn to hip hop
Build a five-foot sand castle
Own a corgi
Run a horse in an open field
Sell a sculpture
Bowl a 200
Sail on a boat
Go paragliding
Swim with a dolphin
Save someone's life
See a tornado
Defend someone's honor
Live somewhere foreign
Have a book published
Learn to play the violin
Learn to play the piano
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