Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happiness is...

  1. A really relaxing day.
  2. A really busy day.
  3. Going to bed early and actually falling asleep.
  4. An adventurous dream.
  5. Finishing something that was really difficult.
  6. Your favorite breakfast cereal.
  7. Payday.
  8. A witty comment where everybody laughs.
  9. Soccer.
  10. Hitting it off.
  11. Being liked back.
  12. Watching your favorite TV show.
  13. Showing someone something you think is hilarious.
  14. Halloween.
  15. A rope swing.
  16. Being liked by an animal.
  17. Eggs, bacon, and toast after sleeping in.
  18. Taking a really awesome picture.
  19. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
  20. The perfect landing.
  21. A paper airplane that flies well.
  22. Getting a cast off.
  23. Casting off.
  24. The perfect cast.
  25. A new Pixar movie.
  26. Working on a sculpture.
  27. Building a model.
  28. Knowing you can be trusted.
  29. Right before a really good meal.
  30. Eating out.
  31. Catching something you drop before it hits the ground.
  32. New electronics.
  33. Learning a new guitar song.
  34. Old friends.
  35. Camping trips.
  36. Tripping into a pool.
  37. Getting thrown into a pool.
  38. Sound that is very... full.
  39. Performing in a choir when you know your music.
  40. Train tracks.
  41. Rafting.
  42. Tubing.
  43. Horseback riding.
  44. Being scared silly.
  45. Hitting a bullseye.
  46. Rollercoasters.
  47. Dachshunds.
  48. Understanding another language.
  49. Making up.
  50. Understanding engines.
  51. Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Renoir. Not the coconut kind.
  52. Finishing a book.
  53. Seeing a wild animal when it isn't close enough to kill you.
  54. Scheming.
  55. A full tank.
  56. A slip-to-land.
  57. Putting 57 things I'm happy for when I only meant to put 20.
  58. A passport stamp.
  59. Delivery pizza.
  60. Receiving a letter from a missionary.
  61. Being surprised at how much money is in your account.
  62. A sunday "nice-note."
  63. A heavy blanket.
  64. A super-hero movie.
  65. New slang.
  66. Long boarding.
  67. Biffing it but not getting hurt.
  68. Building something.
  69. Fall.
  70. Spring.
  71. Summer.
  72. Listening to older people tell stories.
  73. Being liked by a little kid.
  74. The dollar menu.
  75. Reliving childhood memories.
  76. Reading past journals.
  77. Ping pong.
Okay, I'll stop for now. I have to get on with things. :)


  1. I love that you're so happy.
    It makes me happy. :D

  2. ooooh. mmmmy. gooosssshhh.
    I am so happy you have a blog right now. What entertainment this will be.
    This is Sara in your ward by the way!

  3. Hi Dal'n,

    Mommie Dearest here. I love you, but was a little taken aback by the spot on aliens killing your family !?!! Come and visit your Mom. Love ya, Mommie


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