Saturday, September 19, 2009

Never put twinkies on your pizza

You know one of my big problems is self-control! I eat on a whim.

The solution is really rather simple: Before I blissfully prance into the kitchen (Okay, I only prance in meadows), I should think, "How will this affect my long-term happiness?" or "Am I going to feel this two days from now?"

See? church lessons come in handy in all circumstances!!!

...but really, I never learn!

My constant inability to think through my food choices has caused me quite a few upset stomachs lately, including now as I write this blog; but you'll be pleased to hear that I'm taking the bull by the horns. Fewer doughnuts and more salads. Chocolate syrup should not go on anything and everything. Ice cream should not come after every meal (especially meals that include orange juice). See!!! ...I realize these things!

Ugh. Sometimes I remind myself of a 12-year-old.


  1. One time I tried to eat 24 twinkies in an hour. It's impossible. The video is on the internet. Somwhere.

  2. Food... It's everywhere, no matter far how far you go it will be there, we need it to survive and it needs us, But for how long? If no one ate food would it grow? Really would it? Each year more and more food become extinct. No one notices, because they don't eat it. Remember the smile and taste of Dodo pie or the yummy Sea cow sandwich, no you have forgotten. Think about it, parents know that vegetables will soon be gone, why else do they force you to eat them? "Because they are good for you?" Give me a break so was the Mastodon or the Mammoth, but do you see them anymore? No!!!.. Something must be done to save our food which in turn they will save us. Join The cause of "Eating Saves Lives". Josh Keele is accepting donations, if you would like to help please give Josh 1$ or take that doller and buy seeds to grow you food. Save the dieing food!

  3. Have you ever had those "bottomless stomach" meals? ...where you can eat basically as much as you ever wanted but for some reason you never get full? I seriously love that, especially at buffets. (mmm, chinese and sushi!)

    OR what's weirder--when you go days and days without being hungry.

  4. Also, don't put jelly in your ears, and don't go to a buffet with only butter on the menu. Love, Mommie Dearest


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