Monday, October 5, 2009

Poor Red: An October 2nd Tragedy

I'm sincere when I say that I'm not a superstitious person! ...but I am! I am superstitious! ...and I realized it around three o'clock in the afternoon on October 2nd when I was still worrying about potential Oct. 2nd tragedies. I was just about to go fly down at the Spanish Fork airport, and I actually had the though, "Is it really safe to go flying today today?" HA!

Yeah I'm silly! ...but the legacy has actually continued, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't really that surprised when, later that evening, I was pulling out my phone ready to call 911.

At about 7 o'clock the sun was going down as peacefully as ever. I had just eaten with my friend, and now we were off to watch the play Into the Woods at the Scera Theater. All seemed well.

All seemed well until twenty minutes into the play! I had just been thinking to myself how well one of the characters, Little Red Riding Hood, was at her part. I really haven't ever seen someone with that much energy, and she was perfect in her role. Just at the end of a song, she turned and pranced off to an exit door, where her enemy the wolf had just been. Suddenly, all of us jumped as we heard a blood-curdling scream...and then intense sobbing! "What? Is the wolf back or something?" I thought, but then the sobbing continued... awkwardly... and someone came running out of the exit door calling "DAD! DAD!" into the audience. At about this point, the tech guys turned off Red's mic so her agony wasn't published for all to hear. "Someone call 911!" people started yelling, and my blood ran cold.

I bet Red is safe and sound...! I bet she's comfortable and laying peacefully in her nice warm bed at home...! I bet nothing is really wrong. I just know that I didn't buy it when the narrator came out and announced in a choked voice, holding back tears, "We've had an accident. The actress who plays Little Red Riding Hood... umm... sprained her ankle. ...An ambulance is on its way."

Hmm... Yeah, I'm sure Red is just fine...! But ever since, I've been a little haunted by her scream and crying, which, may I add again, was broadcast over a theater's sound system. :(

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  1. So I guess she broke her leg cuz it got stuck in the tree weird. Gross huh.

    NOT a sprained ankle!


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