Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wall-to-wall With Nathaniel

Here it is: A collection of wall-to-wall quotes with Nathaniel! I prize this collection of quotes as I would a pound of fine gold, or Red Robin Mushroom Swiss Hamburger! Both are of equal value.

...why I did I capitalize the hamburger? I have problems.

DALLEN: Nathanulated! That's when Nathaniel is ground into a very fine powder and sprinkled on food!

NATHANIEL: Dal'n has a really really big wart on the back of his neck!!! HA!!!

D: Nathaniel is hooked on illegal pharmaceuticals

N: Daln smells funny...

D: May God have mercy on your soul!

N: Dallen has a patch of hair on his back that is 3 feet long! he braids it and tucks it in his pants. Watch out when you go hot tubbing with him!

D: Nathaniel can't grow chair on his chest! He still hasn't reached that phase!

N: Dallen, nobody grows chairs on their chest. Did you mean Chairs on my hest? or Hairs on my chest? Either way, your insult failed... HA!!!!

D: Dang it! Foiled again! I guess I'm just not good at being a jerk!

N: Dallen's armpits are infested with the fleas of a thousand camels! HA!!!

D: Nathaniel... I have just two words about you: Special Ed!

N: You sit on a throne of lies!

D: Buy me candy or I'll delete you from my friends list!

N: Hey remember that one time that you spelled spaghetti "speghetti"? HA! That was sooo funny!

D: At least my problems can be solved by a click of a few buttons. Yours, unfortunately, are going to take years of counseling! wha ha

N: It's time to instruct you in the matters of loss and pain...

D: Merry Christmas you filthy animal!

N: Dallen's brain is the consistency of jello!

D: I'm getting ridiculously close to shoving a coconut up your... sleeping bag.

N: "Give" -Little Stream

D: If we are ever stranded, and there's nothing to eat... Nathaniel... I want you to use my body for food.

N: Dal'n wears his grandmother's under clothes!!! He also has a HUGE rash all over his body

D: Nathaniel Gardner, you will lose... everything!

N: your soul is condemned... The flames of your sins consume you! Goodbye forever... ex-friend...

...We're pleasant fellows, aren't we?

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  1. hahahahahhahahahahaha i seriously loved this

    my favorite had to be "give"-little stream


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