Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Indiana Jones and Expectations

We've already discussed how my dreams are psycho and grotesque at times, but usually I absolutely LOVE them. I look forward to going to sleep. For example, I get to be Indiana Jones at least once a month. And so it was yet again last night. After hours of sheer awesomeness and heroics worthy of the big screen, I woke up and said aloud, "That was one of the coolest dreams I have ever had!" Then I texted a few people about it.

...why, as Indiana Jones, I've been conveyed into a South American volcano, been trapped in a collapsible room filled with spikes and skeletons, and explored Mayan caves blocked by a minotaur.

(me in my past life)

So, who saw the new Indiana Jones movie? Who liked it? No one! ...didn't think so. Well I DID! But not the first time. And that leads me to my topic of expectations.

When I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie in the theater, my expectations were unrealistically high. In hindsight I'd say they were nigh unreachable. The previous movies are ground into my life, deep and immovable--some of my favorites.

Well it couldn't meet my expectations. I saw flaws and silliness and scoffed all the way through. Disaster. Well, months later I was over at my friend's place with a few hours to burn, and he wanted to take a nap in his room. So I popped in the new Indiana Jones. To burn time. Something happened that I did not expect. I loved it! I loved every bit of it. ...except the part where Indy's son flies through the trees with all those monkeys.

What made the difference? Expectations!!! They just weren't unrealistic the second time. I didn't expect life-changing action or drama or something to be added that it was incapable of adding.

This and a few other things has got me thinking a lot about expectations. Where are my expectations unrealistic? When is it bad to have high expectations? Are standards and expectations different? Are expectations good/neutral/bad for relationships/life goals/movie watching?

I've done a lot of thinking about it and have plenty of opinions that I'm ready to mold and discuss into something new. Please collective world. Your thoughts!

(this is you... thinking)


  1. I love your dreams, i'm so jealous sometimes!! but not of the ones about friday the 13th...

    i have been trying to figure out expectations myself actually. I have all of the wrong ones, and experience only changes them. But in my opinion standards are very different than expectations. That's a convo for later :) too much to say...

    also are you saying i look like a monkey?

  2. I have many thoughts and opinions on this subject as well. Many, however, will need to be conversed about. So sometime when you are on break at two in the morning and I am being my typical, non-sleeping self, discuss we will!!


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