Wednesday, June 23, 2010

King of Tonga: I Miss You

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love the King of Tonga.Well, more specifically I love the late King of Tonga. Sadly, he passed away in 2006. ...on my birthday.

The King of Tonga and I share a special bond! In fact, he was my pen-pal once. Back in 2004, I found his address randomly in a book I was reading, and me... with all my free time... decided to write him a letter.

...The letter was ridiculous! And it certainly carried all the graces deserved by higher nobility. (Sarcasm). After reading my letter, I wouldn't have been surprised if he thought I was a some irritatingly obsessive pre-teen lacking respect and a proper education. My letter ended with me begging him for an autographed photo, promising that if he sent it, I'd frame it and hang it on my bedroom wall.

Months and months and months later, with my letter long forgotten, I got an oddly-shaped envelope in the mail. At first I figured it was a wedding announcement, but I thought it was strange that there was no return address, stamp, or postmark. Only a crest overlaying the backside seal--an official coat of arms exactly like this one:

I read the seal and only recognized the one word. TONGA. I was probably a little more excited than I'd like to admit. I opened it and inside I found a picture of the entire royal family, autographed by King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV himself!

Awww... Look at him! I don't think he has a bigger fan than myself.

I wrote him back, but like I said... he died! My mom called me the day after my birthday and broke the news. Our friendship ended! ...But we will all meet him at the pearly gates someday!

So King of Tonga, again... this post is dedicated to your loving memory! My mom and I both love and miss you. And thanks for the autographed photo. Tonga Forever!!!

PS: I'm thinking about writing the new King, telling my story, and challenging him to outdo the last King, or at least a battle of wits. Whatta ya think?!

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  1. haha k trying to remember what i though about this earlier!

    1st i definitely think you should write the new king, if that last one was your buddy, then he'll try and out do him. i know....cuz....i can read the minds of royalty on account of my name is Sara and it means "prinicess". For real.

    2. i'm so sorry he died. I can't believe he wouldn't tell you before...


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