Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jacob Keele: Modern Man or Mammoth Myth?

Superman was my first hero. Then I realized my grandpa was WAY better than Superman. Then I realized my mom was WAY better than Grandpa. Haha. just kidding. Both are champions! And that is why my family is ranked number one in my book.

But today is not about Superman or Grandpa or Mom or any other well-known super-heroes. Today's blog is about Jacob Keele--the man, the legend. A hero!

From ordinary beginnings grew a boy. Now Jacob, 19-years-old, is about to leave on a two-year volunteer mission in Peru for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm almost eight years older than this remarkable young fellow, but, truly: I've come to regard him as one of my best friends.

Want a better feel for Jacob? Watch this video.

(This was for a competition. Jacob WON... $2,000 bucks!)

Jacob's good with people. He's good with art. He's good with basically whatever he decides he wants to be good at! Like film. Did you see that $2,000 work of art he made above. What's great is how willing he is to serve. Now he's the type of do-gooder this world needs.

For those who don't know what a mission is, Jacob is going to represent his church by teaching the principles he believes and serving the people however he can. His schedule is beyond full-time. From 6:30 in the morning until 10:30 at night, he will do nothing but missionary work. And no one sponsors him during his two years. He pays for the plane, where he lives, what he eats, and every other thing that he needs for the entire time. He's spent the last couple years saving so he could afford to go.

People of Peru: listen to his message!
People he knows: write to him!
Girls: He won't be gone long, Don't waste your time on anybody else....

(Although there may be some heavy competition. Check it out!)

Jacob. Peace out for two years, bro. Thanks for being a true friend. Don't die, because I wanna have more river-rafting, movie-making, fake-punching, boy-banding, batman quoting, Troll 2-watching adventures, k? See ya suckaaaa!


  1. Jacob is the best!!!! He is definitely willing to serve. When I needed someone to help me take care of my kids...who came to my rescue? Jacob. When I needed someone to help me mow my lawn...who was there? Jacob. He is always there whenever I need him and I know he will always be there for the people of Peru...and for the lucky lady he courts when he returns. Jacob, if you're reading this, you are going to be an awesome missionary and I'll miss you tons!!! And Dallen, you are a super good friend to Jake and honor him with this amazing blog post.

    Love you both!!!

  2. what the, is that google search for real?! i'm trying it!
    ...uh it didn't work...

    congrats to jacob, i think he'll be a great missionary

  3. Thanks for this amazing Post Dallen, I truly are the appreciate it type of guy, therefore I appreciate this in high regard for all that good and true. Yea Dallen I say to thee, thou art great, and thou art brave and true.

  4. Jacob seems like a great kid…and the video? It did make me laugh a few times.

    Stumbled here via Cheeseboy.

  5. Haha! that is awesome. :) how did you do that google thing? haha! oh dallen i love reading your blog its hilarious..and cool airplane picture btw

  6. I saw this link on Jacob's facebook wall and had to check it out (btw, I'm his sister-in-law, Kevin's wife, in case you were wondering who I am. The picture's not so helpful). Really great post -- Jake is an awesome kid and this was a fitting tribute!

  7. Hmmmm - definitely worthy of the best, truest and most honorable undercover conspiracy Dallen - after he serves a humble and dedicated mission of course. Code word "AWESOME!" Don't be followed and do not speak of this to ANYONE. Got it?


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