Thursday, July 15, 2010

Never Have I Been More Convinced

Am I impressionable? ...A lot more than I realized! It all started with an Old Spice Commercial.

I guess that's where it ended, too. Old Spice commercials. Usually the only commercials that influence me (in ANY way) are those made by Applebees and Tucanos, and I'm only susceptible to them when I'm hungry. Or when I'm eating something repulsive (again) (I hate you cheap chimichangas!). Once during a Tucanos commercial my mouth started watering so much that I almost drooled. Sickening. ...Besides those, commercials usually just become background noise, or else they get muted by my roommate Dave. He and I then commence to have two-minute, awkward half-conversations which end as soon as the commercials are over.

Well never have I been more influenced to buy a product than now. Entertaining? Yes... and boy do I wanna be an Old Spice man!

After seeing this commercial, I actually scoffed a little at my spray-on Right Guard (Right Guarde?) and recalled the time when, right after applying it, a girl told me I smelled like bug spray. Forever influential. I think of it every time I put on deodorant (but, yes, I thank you for your honesty!!!). I think her comment, combined with of the confidence and style of the Old Spice man (a true man's man!) is enough to get me to switch. I wanna swan dive through the air onto a hot-tub motorcycle, and I know how I'm gonna do it: Old Spice.

I was so easily influenced. My laughs were long and loud. Corporate America, you finally got me. I didn't realize it until I was planning exactly where and when I could buy my new magic formula and become an Old Spice man, not Bug Spray man. Here is one more commercial for your entertainment!

(and I'm still whistling the theme song)


  1. Ha ha! Great stuff Dallen. I saw that Old Spice was ending this and I thought, now I should buy some Old Spice.

    Bug Spray scent would probably get you ladies in Africa, where bug spray is a hot commodity.

  2. so save it just in case you go to Africa one day...
    probably i wouldn't have made that comment had i known that it wasn't REALLY bug bad

  3. Isn't it just a pathetic thing to know that I have never seen any of these old spice commercials before now?? Haha they made me laugh!

    Have you seen BYU's 'old spice'commercial?

    so so funny!!

  4. Haha please don't worry about it Sara. Honestly, I thought it was funny. It was meant to be entertaining in the post :)

    And yeah Camille-- SO funny! How the heck does he catch that backpack? If you notice it's one single shot from the beginning, so if he missed, they'd have to start ALL over. Whew.

  5. Oh my Yes! They're the besty of commercials on the television!

  6. He does make "Secret: Strong enough for a man, MADE for a woman" seem pretty wimpy in comparison, I have to admit.


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