Friday, July 9, 2010

Wipeout Application: SUBMITTED!

Dear Casting Director:

Hi, I'm the Red Baron, also known as "Dallen Danger" to my friends, and I'm the greatest and best looking "Ace" that has ever lived. I'm a commercial pilot ready to shoot down the other 23 Wipeout contestants. I'm not afraid of showing myself to the enemy. Let them see me, and let them be afraid!!! That's why I go red. Red for love, red for blood, and red like the big balls.

I'm typically the first to dive in. I'm typically the first to pull through, and I'm usually the only one to get out alive. That's why Wipeout is perfect. Bring on the hits. I'm used to them, but I've got a few sucker punches of my own. The $50,000 is more than in reach, and I'm going to fly through the course, if you know what i mean. Go Red or Go Home!

Dallen Danger

(I was going for cocky and ridiculous!)


  1. You know what? I DO want to throw in some hounds! Do you have any you could Fed Ex to me? And, I'm so in agreement- throwing all of those bad boys to my unexpected guest will surely make them scat! Ha!

  2. ok richard did an awesome job, these are so freakig awesome and even though i've heard this letter before i still just laughed real hard

    you are SOOOO in

  3. HAHA that is great dallen i bet they are shaking in their boots!! with excitement that is!

  4. Haha!!! That is awesome!! Dallen you are getting on Wipeout for sure! I'm so excited for you!


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